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    Signing MoU, Three Innovations of West Java are Replicated by Jambi Government


    JAKARTA-Three innovations of West Java provincial government state civil apparatus are replicated by the Government of Jambi Province. The signing of the MoU on the cooperation of replication of cross-regional network program application in order to improve the management of government and public service was conducted by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan with the Governor of Jambi Zumi Zola, at the office of West Java provincial Liaison Office in Jakarta on Thursday (14/09). / 2017).

    The three innovations that will soon be applied by the Provincial Government of Jambi are, innovation services One Stop Integrated Door (PTSP), e-Samsat application and Employee Target Application (SKP) online.

    Jambi Governor Zumi Zola said the development of information technology currently affects many areas including in local government that must be addressed wisely, especially those concerning public service.

    He sees West Java Provincial Government has many innovations of community service based IT.

    "We see the West Java Provincial Government is a very appropriate party to be a friend of cooperation We have already explored and Alhamdulillah today we have signed together," he said.

    Governor Zumi hopes the cooperation will bring great benefits to the people of Jambi Province.
    "We sincerely hope that this cooperation provides benefits on both sides and most importantly for our community," he said.

    Previously, these three innovations of West Java has been made pilot project by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and has been applied in 17 Provinces in Indonesia since late 2016 ago.

    In addition to these three innovations, Zumi also assessed there are many other potentials in West Java which will soon be co-operated, especially in the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries.

    "I see that this cooperation is not only because there are many other potentials that can be worked in. I have already told the Governor (Jabar) that we are planning to open cooperation in agriculture, livestock and fishery," said Zumi.

    "Later in October I will send a team to West Java I hope this cooperation can also be followed up," he added.

    In the same place Governor Aher admitted grateful for the increase again regional govenment who sthe innovation.

    "Thank God we are proud and appreciation to Mr. Zumi," said Aher.

    Aher firmly stated that, this innovation is purely the work of a child of the country, meaning it belongs to the state and is ready to be cooperated with anyone and must become joint property.

    "Since this is an innovation from a country children, our CSA, without a project with a third party then I say state property, in cooperation with whomever it should belong together," he said.

    All three applications are not the least use the funds from the regional budget during the process of discovery.

    "This is really a project that runs on daily programs, tampered with our CSA and not yet used regional budget, after so new then applied through tools and others then there is the budget," Aher explained.

    Innovation PTSP of West Java that has been running since 2012 is the fastest and easiest service in the process of licensing. While the personnel management system through online SKP is able to monitor the performance of all employees. The results of that performance is gaining Allowance Improvement Income (TPP) for employees. As for e-Samsat which has been launched since 2014 and then considered able to eliminate the practice of brokering and illegal levies. Communities that will pay Vehicle Tax (PKB) can be through ATM Bank BJB, BRI, BNI, BCA and CIMB Niaga. Even in May 2017 and West Java provincial government in cooperation with West Java Police Traffic Directorate make a new breakthrough is launching a program called Sipolin or Online Tax Information System.

    If the e-Samsat taxpayers make payments through the ATM PKB, Sipolin easier taxpayers more because it can be paid using a mobile phone wherever located. This Sipolin app can be downloaded through the Google Playstore service. In terms of IT, Sipolin is higher than Samsat Gendong and e-Samsat.

    E-Samsat is proven to increase locally-generated revenue of West Java from the motor vehicle tax.

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