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    Vice Governor Demiz: Colorful Kampulampa Village Becomes Tourism Attraction


    BOGOR CITY-expression was both pleased and proud visible face radiated from the Vice Governor of West Java (Jabar) Deddy Mizwar when it reached the village of Colorful Katulampa, Thursday (14/09/2017). Number two in West Java was accompanied by the Vice Mayor of Bogor Usmar Hariman, Head of the relevant Department, Head of Bogor East and Hamlet Katulampa directed towards an empty land that has been covered with a green carpet for 'Ngariung, Ngaliwet, Ngawangkong and Ngalun Jeung Naga Bonar'.

    There Kang Demiz familiar greeting wear a white shirt and black pants along with his wife, who wore a green batik and greet her pink hijab Katulampa Village community that had been waiting for the presence of the senior actors.

    The presence of Deddy to Katulampa was not without reason. The reason, Katulampa became the 3rd winner Best Village of the National Level 2017 and the 1st winner of West Java Province Level 2017.

    According to Deddy, this colorful village can be a tourist attraction. Because tourism today is not just about nature, mountains, sea, beaches, lakes or anything else but the culture of the people. In Katulampa has emerged a culture of togetherness through the Movement of Community Awareness (Gemarsawi).

    "I hope from Gemarsawi also appear souls of entrepreneurship of the citizens," he said.

    He said a country would advance if four percent of its population were entrepreneurs. And all the richest people in the world are all businessmen. So, from now on the college graduates are no longer pegged to employees, but must be able to become entrepreneurs.

    "Create a creative economy by utilizing technology," he explained.

    Meanwhile, the initiator Gemarsawi Faiz said, one of the tourism products of the colorful village which is currently being promoted namely 'Ngalun' in the river that is opened every day. Not only that, it was down to intensify sport tourism which is being a program of Bogor City Government by providing jogging tracks in the village roads and roads for cycling. Excess can be obtained not only be healthy, but also can enjoy the beautiful view of Katulampa.

    "We are also currently working on handycraft products and Gemarsawi Institute has been established to continue to develop the science of this movement to all over Indonesia," he concluded. (fla / ismet / day / senses) SZ

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