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    WTP Achieves 6 Times, West Java Provincial Government Receives Award from President


    JAKARTA-For Unqualified Opinion (WTP) Achievement from BPK for six times in succession from 2011-2016, West Java Provincial Government received an award from the Central Government as the most frequent local government to achieve WTP.

    The award was handed over by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo to the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan, during the opening of the National Accounting and Government Financial Reporting Year 2017 held by the Ministry of Finance, at the State Palace, Jakarta, Thursday (14/09/2017).

    "We are grateful in the palace of our country get appreciated for the financial performance of the Provincial Government in the form of PAP for six times in a row or over five times," said Governor Aher in Jakarta.

    Aher revealed, the opinion of this WTP opinion describes the performance accountability in the financial statements and the results of work in the field of realization of development felt directly by the people of West Java.

    "Of course this WTP illustrates that the accountability and the results of our work in the field have been appropriate," he said.

    Thus, according to him, from the time of planning, organizing and implementing the budget including financial evaluation and performance evaluation really illustrates what is actually done effectively, efficiently and justice.

    "In addition to effective, budget efficiency has been used as necessary, naturally and in accordance with the quality we want," he said.

    While justice according to Aher is the work has been in accordance with the budget that has been issued.

    "Hopefully the end result felt by the people in the form of ouput and outcome is really describe the budget that we budget for the use of power for the development of West Java society," he said.

    Aher himself dedicated this award to Civil State Apparatus of West Java Provincial Government who has worked hard and consistently maintain the achievement of PAP for six times in a row.

    "This award is certainly our dedication to Civil State Apparatus of West Java Provincial Government because essentially those who work hard and consistently for six times in a row can keep this PAP," he said.

    This year the number of local governments whose financial statements obtain WTP increased to 375 local governments. Where previously in 2015 as many as 312. While the number of Ministries / Institutions that won the PAP in 2016 this increased to 73 the previous year only 56 Ministries / Institutions. WTP opinion has deep meaning not only for the government is always the manager of state finances but also for the national economy and society.

    In the National Government Accounting and Reporting Speaking of 2017 which was opened by President Jokowi was held to increase the commitment of government officials in improving the quality of state financial management.

    In his speech, President Joko Widodo reminded about the improvement of the state financial management system. For him, everything that his ranks do must lead to improvements to the existing system.

    "Everything is growing rapidly in unexpected ways, the innovation is very fast, so we must also dare to change, our accounting should be directed, the orientation is not to the procedure, it must be changed to the orientation of the results. , "he said Jokowi before a number of Governors, Regents, Mayors, Secretaries General, Government Supervisory Apparatus, and Head of Institutions.

    Jokowi also reminded about the simplification of reports that had been asked some time before. A stacked accountability report will ultimately make the apparatus more focused on reporting than on program execution.

    "We are working to make a report or work to produce something," I said to make simple, simple SPJ affairs, do not make piles, make it 2 or 3, that's the maximum for me, "said President.

    However, simplification of the report as requested by the President does not mean not paying attention to the accountability aspect. The most important is how the report is easy to examine, control, follow, and have clear results.

    "Simplification of SPJ is the key that we must do so that our mind power can really be used to follow the process of existing activities and programs, check the quality, and not be concentrated or stuck to the number of reports we have to make," he said.

    At the end of his speech, the President also expressed his appreciation for the BPK audit results both in the Central Government and Local Government. Unqualified Opinion (WTP) Opinion at the Ministry / Institution level reaches 85%, Provincial level is 90%, and at Regency / Municipal level 66%.

    "A very good progress, but WTP is not a goal, the ultimate goal is how a program gives results and the program can be right on target," he concluded.

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