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    Three Important Points of Tourism Destination Development


    First, in the development of the destination he introduced 3A, Attractions, Access and Amenities. The presence of Harvest Resort & Village is a form of amenities development, which becomes critical for the development of destinations.

    Secondly, the important point that delivered by Minister Arief Yahya is the construction of ballroom / conference venue / big conference venue in Banyuwangi with a capacity of 1000 people at Harvest Resort & Village.

    "It should be utilized as well as possible for MICE event as much as possible. Because MICE is more promising, "said Arief in his official statement received in Bandung, Thursday (14/09/2017)

    Former President Director of PT Telkom explains, The advantage of the development of MICE tourism is the MICE tourists spend twice as much than regular tourists. Its ARPU or Average Revenue Per User is much higher, and the location or area of MICE implementation will benefit in the improvement of various sectors.

    He pointed out, the more frequent conferences, discussions about fisheries conducted in Banyuwangi, then the fishery sector will be more advanced.

    Third, an important point by Tourism Minister Arief Yahya is, to advance to win the competition, especially when bidding for MICE event nationally or internationally, then Banyuwangi must Incorporated. Unite brings the good name of Banyuwangi and Indonesia on the world stage.

    "When united, then we will be strong and win the competition. Banyuwangi have good prospects in tourism, the community is also more friendly and have a good spirit of hospitality, "he concluded (MAT)

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