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    West Java Shariah Economic Occupies Second Position Nationally


    BANDUNG-The development of sharia economics in West Java is somewhat improved. Nationally from the syariah financial sector of West Java province occupies the second position after DKI Jakarta.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) explained that the most prominent of sharia economic growth in West Java is the sharia financial industry.

    "Therefore, it is often the second one that appears and is more consistent is finance, second largest after Jakarta Capital City for sharia finance," he told reporters in Islamic Center Bandung, Wednesday night (13/09/2017)

    According to the number one man in West Java, the economy of sharia has its own advantages. As long as it does not violate sharia law and norms then its growth will get better.

    "The sharia economy is the value." There is no sharia violation and shari'ah norms for all sharia trade and industry or in accordance with the existing legal norms, perhaps the most prominent in the financial system, "Aher

    The governor hopes that the sharia economy could have a positive impact on economic growth and the improvement of people's welfare. In addition, West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) supports the sharia business actors in West Java.

    "The important impact is beneficial for economic growth and the improvement of people's welfare," said Aher

    Aher hopes to sharia economic actors to continue to work hard so that their business grows more advanced so that more enjoyed by the community and become part of significant economic growth.

    "We are very supportive of the economic actors of sharia let alone the better the development of the more diverse the production," he concluded. (MAT)

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