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    Chicken Price Rises to Rp 40,000,-/kg


    CIMAHI-Chicken meat price at traditional markets in Cimahi continue to rise and reaches Rp 40,000,- per kilogram on Monday (11/1).

    "On Saturday the price was Rp 38,000,- per kilogram, then on Sunday it rose to Rp 39,000 per kilogram and now it’s rising to Rp 40,000,- per kilogram," said Darman, chicken traders in the Melong Rusunawa Market, Cimahi to jabarprov.go.id Monday (11/1).

    Based on information compiled jabarprov.go.id, chicken meat prices also rose in Cimindi Market and Antri Baru Market, Cimahi.

    "The price of chicken is now Rp 40,000 per kilogram," said Mamad, chicken traders in the Market Cimindi.

    The increase of chicken price affected the purchasing power by society decreased.

    "Housewives usually buy chicken meat at least one kilogram, but now is only half a kilo. Even so there is a housewife who does not buy because the prices continue to rise,” Darman said.

    Both Darman and Mamad said they do not know why the price of chicken meat continues to rise until reaches e of Rp 40,000,- per kilogram. Whereas the normal price was Rp 28,000,- to Rp 32,000,-.

    The increase of chicken price invites complaints by consumers. They expect government will sooner intervene to conduct market operations.

    “On the last Eid Mubarak, the price of chicken was Rp 40,000,- per kilogram and government held market operations soon. We hope that the government would sooner intervened conducting market operation,” said Mirna, a resident of Pharmindo Housing, Melong Village, South Cimahi, Cimahi to jabarprov.go.id,


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