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    Eight Cities / Regencies in West Java Drought Alert


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government set the emergency alert status of drought disaster in eight regencies / cities. The eight districts receiving drought status include; Ciamis Regency, Cianjur Regency, Indramayu Regency, Karawang Regency, Kuningan Regency, Sukabumi Regency, Banjar City, and Tasikmalaya City.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said the impact of drought this year is not as bad as drought in the previous two years. Aher said, drought in West Java this time including regular drought.

    "There are areas that have been more than 60 days not rain, or drought emergency, there are less than 60 days. This drought is expected to end in late September 2017," said Governor Aher at Gedung Sate Bandung, Wednesday (13/09/2017 ).

    Drought this year, he said, as many as 139 hectares of rice fields have failed to harvest or puso. Of these, 135 are in Indramayu. While the rest are spread in other cities and regencies in West Java.

    "This puso has no significant impact on the supply of rice in West Java, the impact of drought this year is much lighter than two years ago and last year there was no dry season so there is no drought," he said.

    Aher mentioned, the emergency status of drought standby is applied in Ciamis, Cianjur and Indramayu regency until 31 October 2017. Drought in Ciamis Regency hit 10 districts, 73 villages, with a population of 130,325 people.

    In Cianjur Regency there are 5 districts, 12 villages, with 75,000 residents affected by drought. In Indramayu Regency drought struck 11 districts, 32 villages, with a population of 176,279 inhabitants.

    "In Karawang Regency, the drought emergency period is valid until December 31, 2017, there are 5 districts, 21 villages, with a population of 23,836 people affected by drought," he said.

    While the emergency alert period in Kuningan Regency until 31 November 2017, where there are 6 districts and 6 villages with 22,945 residents affected by drought.

    "The Sukabumi regency imposed a drought emergency alert period until 30 October 2017, with 22 districts affected, 55 villages and 53,821 inhabitants," Aher said.

    "The emergency alert in Banjar City is valid until 21 October 2017, with the impacts of 2 subdistricts, 6 villages and 6,483 inhabitants Tasikmalaya city stands until 30 November 2017, the drought has hit 10 districts, 53 villages and 8,123 souls," he said.

    While 19 other cities/ regencies in West Java, have not received emergency disaster preparedness status. This is because, still falling rain in 19 areas within the span of less than 60 days.

    In anticipation, Governor Aher acknowledged that his party, together with the central and city/ regency governments, has made a number of steps not only to overcome the impact of drought on agricultural land, but also on the impact of the water crisis.

    "Drought prevention for agricultural land, by providing pumping assistance. With pumps, water from rivers are pumped into dry farmland, usually above the river water," Aher said.

    "Working with local Drinking Water Regional Company, we channel clean water aid to the community, or we help by making wells and drain water from springs to settlements," he added.

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