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    Public Power Supply Station Welcomes Electric Energy Vehicle


    BANDUNG (14/9) - The development of electric vehicles increasingly accepted in Indonesia and received support from the Government. Long before that, PLN has seen this challenge and supported the development of this environmentally friendly technology by providing the necessary infrastructure, one of them in the form of Public Power Supply Station (SPLU).

    According to West Java PLN Distribution GM Iwan Purwana, one time the electric vehicle must come, and PLN is ready to provide electricity supply in the public area.

    "Now only small SPLU, in the future with the same technology we are ready to provide or make SPLU larger and more to meet the presence of motor or electric car" he said.

    SPLU for the needs of electric vehicles according to Iwan is like a gas station for vehicles made from oil roots or fuel. SPLU usage by vehicle count is also the same as SPBU in general that use meter counters.

    "The difference is, if the SPBU in liter count is used, while SPLU will be in the calculation of KWh used during the car or motor is charged" Iwan said.

    Iwan also added that the use of electricity for electric-powered vehicles is much cheaper than fuel. 1 KWh meter is currently the tariff is still below Rp 2000, while the fuel ranges from Rp 6000 to Rp 9000 per liter. (Even)

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