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    Google Voice Search Technology Comes In Sundanese and Java


    BANDUNG- Continuing Google's efforts to help Indonesians maximize the potential of the Internet, today voice input technology (voice input) officially launched in Sundanese and Java.

    Google's Technical Program Manager, Speech and Keyboard Team, Daan van Esch said it is working with several local universities such as Gajah Mada University, Sanata Dharma University and Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, starting today you can speak in Sundanese and Java when using the Google App , Google Translate app and Gboard smart keyboard app on Android.

    The growth rate of voice search usage in Indonesia continues to accelerate, 50% higher than the global growth rate. This is what spurred Google to develop voice input technology in the local language to be able to reach more Indonesian people.

    "In order for the Internet to be more inclusive and useful for many people, language barriers need to be overcome," Daan said in an official statement received in Bandung, Tuesday (12/09/2017)

    This is particularly relevant in Indonesia as the number of Internet users increases.

    "So we continue to strive to launch products and features that will enable speakers of Indonesian languages and meet the needs of Indonesians to find the information they need, anytime, anywhere."

    Daan rates in mobile is sometimes impractical and time-consuming, such as when you're walking or cooking. Now, searching for information in Java and Sundanese will be easier and faster.

    "You just need to talk to your phone to search for information without having to type on a small keyboard.You can just tap on the microphone icon on Google App and say," Jadwal tanding bal-balan dino iki"or" Batagor nu raos caket dieu ". change the voice management system (voice) into the Java language or Sundanese, "he explained.

    Using voice to dictate messages is not only practical, but also 3 times faster than typing. That's why the voice feature on Gboard can be used to send any message from the phone - from replying to emails anytime and anywhere, to sending text messages to friends in the messaging app. For example, if you're on the go and want to send a long email, just use the voice input feature via Gboard on Android without having to type on a small phone keyboard. To enable the Dictation feature on the keyboard, install Gboard from the Play Store and select your preferred language in the settings by tapping the G icon, then tap the mic to start talking.

    Then, to apply new language variations, Google works with native speakers to collect instances of conversations, and asks them to read commonly used phrases.

    This process trains the Google machine learning model to understand sounds and words in new languages and improve its accuracy while capturing more sound and word instances over time.

    "As more native language speakers use this product, voice input technology for each of these languages will continue to get better," he concluded. (MAT)

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