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    SMEs need to be balanced with ICT Financial Applications


    BANDUNG-stretching the digital economy that is being applied many Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia, need to be balanced by the use of accounting applications based on information communication technology (ICT).

    Chief of Sharing Vision Telematics Research Institute of Bandung, Dimitri Mahayana, said the digital economy fever especially from the online transportation, has created many business letters to SMEs in several cities of homeland.

    "For example Martabak Andir in Bandung. Sales turnover via Go-Pay alone reach Rp 3 to Rp 4 million per day, because consumers will pay cheaper between Rp 8 thousand to Rp 12 thousand than conventional pay, "he told reporters in Bandung, Tuesday (12/09/2017)

    The Digital Trend 2017 survey of Sharing Vision at the beginning of this year also showed that 20% of the total 160 respondents ever booked SME scale accommodation through Airbnb, so digital economic transactions are not just happening in the culinary field.

    However, continued Dimitri, not many SMEs involved in the business of digital applications is updating the company's accounting information system. This is evident from the 2017 IT IT Survey from Sharing Vision in the middle of this year.

    "Mostly 56% or just set an ICT budget of 1-2% of total revenue. 36% of SMEs also do not have special IT staff. 47% of SMEs spend ICT costs less than Rp300 thousand per month, but that is only for data connections, "he explained.

    SMEs themselves actually realize the importance of ICT-based accounting, because of the use of manual recording, 32% of them face constraints when dealing with the number of transactions a lot. In the future, 74% of respondents expressed interest in using the application.

    "Of the 310 questionnaires with three groups that use ICT to help the business elements, one uses medium-activity ICT, and the other one does not use ICT to help elements of the business," he concluded. (MAT)

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