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    Development Activity In the First Month


    BANDUNG-After submission the DPA 2016, Aher told to the OPD in order to immediately starting implement development activities in the first months of 2016. It was stated on Friday (8/1) in Gedung Sate.

    "No more budget stacked at the end of the year, each of the OPD should set the time schedule well," he said.

    Aher also asks to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the financial condition management, a variety of austerity measures OPD expenditure should continue to be conducted, with regard to the achievement of targets and accelerate development priorities in the economy.

    “Regional budget in 2015 has absorbed 90%, I hope the absorption rate in 2016 can be better, it considering the significant impact in boosting the economy community," Aher said.

    According to Aher, government spending affects to the economy community. "According to the World Bank, in developing countries, the 85 percent of the economy communities affected by state spending," he said.

    He committed to continue monitoring the absorption of budget in 2016. "I will continue to monitor the budget uptake with Mr. Vice Governor and also with the West Java Legislative Council (DPRD)," he said.

    Furthermore Heryawan ensured the OPD no need to worry about tendering the project budget. Because the Regional Development Watch (TP4D) team will continue to monitor the process. In these team itself, there are elements of the police and prosecutors, he added.

    "No need to fear the consequences of criminalisation which impacted on the low absorption," he said.

    Heryawan hoped the various programs implemented by OPD West Java provincial government should have an impact on the issues settlement such as in the field of education and poverty. "In various departments, the program must be measured carefully to have an impact," he concluded.


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