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    Unpad is Ready to Open Study Program Related to Social Media


    BANDUNG-Rector of Padjadjaran University (Unpad) Prof. Trihanggono Ahmad said it has prepared a new study program (Prodi) in the new academic year, especially related to social media.

    Tri Hanggono said the new program will be on the Faculty of Communication Science (Fikom) and Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), in cooperation with other faculty such as law faculty.

    "Because we also have to talk about how the regulation," he said on Monday (9/11).

    He emphasized the new study program to answer the growing challenges, especially in the field of information technology. So that the study program that will soon be opened is the Digital Economics and Social Media.

    Meanwhile Communication and Informatics Minister Rudiantara said the new program is a special challenge from the president for Unpad so that the existence of social media users in Indonesia reaching 144 million has a positive impact for the nation.

    "The context of the digital economy, I've talked to the rector and the dean, this will be a new study program. Especially e-commerce which became one of the president's wishes, "he said. jo

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