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    Telkom University is Active on Anti Plagiarism


    BANDUNG-As a growing nation with the information network, Indonesia is the country with the largest information access, but with the lowest reading interest.

    Conditions that impact on the quality of information and knowledge are digested by the community. In Indonesia itself experienced a phase of "distribution of false messages dominating factual messages". This is related to people's knowledge to sort out healthy information.

    For that, Open Library Telkom University held a celebration of World Literacy Day, which by the world organization through UNESCO set 8 September every year.

    Vice Rector for Cooperation in Open Library, AMA Suyanto said, Literacy Day is intended to keep the awareness of students to remain vigilant in filtering the intake of information, whether it is related to access of digital and conventional media.

    "It is important that the awareness raising for students and society can not be done once and for all, and the commitment of Telkom University through Open Library is an effort of intelligence that will be continuously on guard," he told reporters in Bandung on Monday (11/9). / 2017)

    Telkom University as an institution of higher education that has social responsibility to increase reading interest of Indonesian people participate in moving through the Library that held 'Telkom University Literacy Event 2017'.

    Carrying the theme of Literacy is the Key of Life, literacy becomes the key of every individual in life that will support lifelong learning.

    Year 2017 is the 4th year Telkom University Library held a literacy event that is open to the public and presents a variety of activities aimed at increasing the public's love of literacy, especially reading and writing.

    'Telkom University Literacy Event 2017': Literacy is the Key of Life ', held from 11-15 september 2017, held at Telkom University Library, this event has 23 event sessions consisting of Talkshow' Literacy is the key of Life 'with speakers Agus Rusmana and Luki Wijayanti, both are literacy activists who have been widely known academic community in Indonesia.

    Amma said the series of seminars with the topic "Research from A to Z" which will discuss how to start research, increase the awareness of researchers about plagiarism, to tips & tricks publish scientific work in national and international Journal, invites Ministry of technology research of higher education, LIPI and practitioners who are experts in the field.

    "Another event is a series of workshops, one of them is Creative Writing Workshop, which aims to improve the creative writing ability among young people.

    In addition, storytelling for children as well as storytelling training for teachers and parents and 'Literacy Gigs with ARiReda' which will present the audience of musical poetry by Sapardi Djoko Damono and other poetry works, so it is expected to ignite the love of young people and the community towards the work literature in a different and fun way.

    "This activity is also enlivened by the Book Fair of publishers and bookstores in Bandung," he concluded. (MAT)

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