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    Social Media Must Anticipate from Upstream and Downstream


    BANDUNG - Minister of Communication and Information (Kominfo) Rudiantara said that currently impressed the problems that arise due to the negative impact of social media more solved at the downstream point, should also be done in the upstream.

    "It's like a sick person who is injected or treated. It should be how to make people healthy, it must be upstream. This is the importance of literacy and education, "he said when attending the 60th Unpad Dies Natalis event, Monday (11/9).

    He said this condition is not only experienced in Indonesia alone, but all countries in the world experience similar problems. Each country has a different way to counteract the negative impact of social media.

    There are countries that are quick to enact laws to anticipate social media, but that can not be done quickly in Indonesia.

    "We could have made anti-hoax laws, but it took time. So the government downstream just do the restrictions first, can be blocking, as happened yesterday. Because it is considered dangerous ,. Now is trying to make improvements in the upstream, "he said. jo

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