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    Jokowi: Character Education Needs to be Reinforced


    BANDUNG - President of Indonesia Joko Widodo asserted if character education, especially school children should be strengthened. So he issued a Government Regulation (PP) on character education recently.

    "We can not close social media. How to make social media more positive impact, then character education must be strengthened, "he asserted at Padjadjaran University (Unpad) Bandung, Monday (11/9).

    He said all this time anyone can take information from anywhere, especially from social media, but if not fortified with a strong character it is easy to be influenced, even though the news is not true.

    With character education students are expected to have integrity, honesty, work ethic, anti-corruption, tolerance, priority and brotherhood.

    "This should take precedence, do not be late and first by Social Media," said Jokowi.

    Moreover, according to him, in some time ahead there will be election of regional head and also legislative until President. Social media now has a major impact in influencing voters, especially young people. jo

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