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    Campus Must Help Anticipate the Impact of Social Media


    BANDUNG - The University must be at the forefront in anticipating the negative impact of social media.

    It was said by the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo in his oration in front of the academic community of Padjadjaran University (Unpad) Bandung, commemorating the 60th Unpad Dies Natalis, Monday (11/9).

    "For years I see our university faculty-that's all, not clean up. Faculty of economics yes management, accounting. Though times have changed, especially by the influence of social media, "he explained.

    The President expects the university to have new majors that follow the development of the times and information technology. For example, make a special department of social media, even a meme faculty or animated images.

    "Why do not you dare to change? Just open the department store on line, or logistics management, retail management and others, which is deservedly anticipated, "he added.

    If it is not done then he thinks Indonesia will be unable to compete with other countries. Because according to him five or ten years to the next generation milneal or generation Y will talk a lot for development.

    "All the countries have spoken. We must prepare that direction. I met the king and the prime minister all talked about the influence of social media. Cruel or not (in indonesia)? I replied, well if in Indonesia is very Cruel, "he said greeted laughter and applause audience.

    But the president replied that it had become a necessity and not just laughed at.

    "Unpad must dare to open faculty associated with social media," he said. jo

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