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    President Asks for Anticipation of Social Media Booming User Trends


    BANDUNG - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) gave speech in front of the academic community of Padjadjaran University (Unpad) Bandung, in the 60th anniversary of Unpad Dies Natalis.

    In his speech he highlighted more about the booming users of social media in Indonesia, both in terms of positive and negative.

    "I buy sate just go food, shopping just on line. This is a change that must be anticipated, because the future will change the landscape of economic, social, political and even culture, "he said Monday (11/9).

    He said the development of social media is a good thing if it gives a positive impact, but if not anticipated it will be more negative effects. Such as the emergence of hoax news, slander, hate speech or other economic losses.

    "I heard with the change of shopping on line is about 30 percent Mall closing, should be anticipated where the workers will be. Because it is cheaper and faster, "he said.

    Even with social media now people can relate personally with the government and even the president.

    "One day ago I received a question and complained about Raisa. Sensitive President, that asset Indonesia why released to foreign. Apparently the Raisa's husband is from Australia. The latest is Laudya Cyntya Bella is proposed by Malaysians. It used to be not communicated, with social media now all can. So we must be ready with this rapid change, "he said. jo

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