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    Sports Day 2017, Return Aher is Awarded Government Award


    MAGELANG-In celebration of National Sports Day (Haornas) to XXXIV Year 2017, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) was awarded as a Trustee of Regional Achievement Sports of 2017.

    This award was given directly by the Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Imam Nahrawi RI to the Head of Youth and Sports Office of West Java Yudha M Saputra representing the Governor of West Java at the peak of Haornas XXXIV event at the stadium in dr. H. Moch. Soebroto, South Kramat, Magelang Utara, Magelang City, Central Java Province, Saturday afternoon (9/9/17).

    Aher is considered to have contributed in building the sport in West Java in particular, through various policies. Aher is considered capable of giving birth to athletes who can perform well at national and international levels. Another thing that makes Aher accept this appreciation, that his party can deliver the West Java success as the organizers as well as won the overall champion at various national sports events, such as National Sports Week (PON) XIX / 2016 West Java, National Paralympic Week (Peparnas) XV / 2016 West Java , National Student Sports Week (Popnas) XIII / 2015, up to National Sports Weekist (Porwanas) XII / 2016.

    "This (the achievement of PON, Peparnas, and Porwanas) is a proof that the Governor (Aher) has a commitment and concern for sports coaching in West Java," Yudha said after representing Governor Aher to receive the award.

    Furthermore, Yudha said that Aher's achievements were not in a short time and process. Various efforts have been made Aher since 2010. As a focus on fostering sports and athletes, to build various infrastructure or sports facilities across Java. West.

    "This trip is not for a moment.To get an award like this the journey since 2010. He (Aher) has been empowered since 2010 until 2016 with various policies that he made," said Yudha.

    In the future, Yudha added that the policy that has been done by the West Java Provincial Government will continue to take root. It is expected that coaching on sports in West Java can contribute more to the world of national and even international sports.

    "Proven by the number of sports venues in West Java that will be used for the 2018 Asian Games. There will be eight sports that are entrusted to West Java for the Asian Games.This belief from the Central Government, that the facilities (sports) in West Java is very feasible for use in the Asian Games.

    In addition to the athletes of West Java is quite capable and involved in many Asian Games, "said Yudha.

    "And of course we have a commitment that West Java is ready to succeed the Asian Games 2018. Hopefully the gait of West Java in this Asian Games can contribute to Indonesia in order to achieve at the international level," he concluded.

    The top event of National Sports Day 2017 is a series of various sporting events held by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Such as Gowes Pesona Nusantara followed by participants from all districts / cities in Indonesia with mileage up to 5,124 km. There is also a football village Gala competition followed by participants from 136 districts / cities in Indonesia, Tier Football League, Liga Santri Nusantara involving 1000 thousand more boarding schools from all over Indonesia, and other activities.

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