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    Vice Governor: Many Native Languages are Nearly Extinct


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar states, many of the native languages of the region in Indonesia which is currently almost extinct as a result of its speakers are getting less and not accompanied by the inheritance of its predecessors.

    "Learning local languages and literature as a local content in the school bench is very limited," said Vice Governor, on the sidelines of "Rancage" Gift Reward in the Library of Ajip Rosidi Garut Street No. 2, Saturday (09/09).

    According to the Vice Governor, many regional languages and literature contain moral values, religious values and national values needed as the foundation for character building of the young generation.

    "Efforts to preserve local languages and literature must be done through systematic and continuous efforts to the young generation that we must continue to push to become an integrative part in school lessons," he said.

    Vice Governor added, with the awareness, support and synergy of all parties in the future is expected local wisdom contained in the language and regional literature can be utilized as an instrument for the formation of the young generation.

    "According to the mandate of Presidential Regulation No. 87 of 2017, that we need a good instrument in the formation of the younger generation," he said. (Parno)

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