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    Jabar Hade Strengthens Broadband and Digital Ecosystem


    BANDUNG-Success with the implementation of Jagoan Bundling Data program at Mobile Center (JABAR HADE) from March to August 2017, Telkomsel strengthen broadband and digital ecosystem in West Java.

    General Manager Sales Regional West Java Telkomsel Agustiyono said, JABAR HADE program Telkomsel is collaborating intensively with Device Seller Partners in West Java, such as Bandung, Kuningan, Cirebon and Tasikmalaya.

    The mechanism of this program is to encourage every customer who made the purchase of a new smartphone with the first bundling of the internet and accompanied by the activation of Telkomsel data packet at least worth Rp50 thousand.

    "Customers will get a number of lottery coupons to win the prize of 1 unit of Honda Brio, a number of units Yamaha matic motorcycles and dozens of 4G LTE smartphones," he told reporters in Bandung on Thursday (7/9/2017)

    In this program, the number of activated Telkomsel data packets separately and through the mechanism of purchasing smarphone bundling reached more than 375 thousand transactions.

    Agustiyono added that Telkomsel's high number of transactions and product activation will encourage broadband and digital based service utilization in line with the growth of 4G base stations which reach about 200% compared to the previous year.

    "West Java lifestyle ecosystem in the utilization of broadband and digital services of Telkomsel will also be more mature," he said.

    Currently there are more than 2.1 million users of 4G Telkomsel users in West Java. With a high public interest in broadband and digital services, Telkomsel is continuously working to improve the quality of its network and services.

    "In the future there will be a variety of other interesting programs to support the improvement of broadband and digital ecosystems in the community," he concluded (MAT)

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