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    Industrial World is Demanded to Increase Performance


    BANDUNG-Telkom University regularly holds international seminars every year with different fields. This international seminar features diverse themes based on 7 Faculties at Telkom University.

    As the International Seminar & Conference on Learning Organization (ISCLO) 2017 initiated by the Faculty of Business Economics (FEB) which is a 5th year seminar with the theme "Encouraging State-Owned Enterprises and Strategic Industries with Their Support Systems to Boost Indonesian Economic Growth.

    This international seminar was attended by representatives of industries that play important roles in Indonesia such as President Directior PT. CORE, Darman Mappangara; Deputy Director of Strategic Policy Unit at Ministry of Finance Indonesia, Jadi Manurung; and Human Capital Development and Learning Center Manager PT Krakatau Steel Nivo Yuninda.

    Telkom University Rector, Mochamad Ashari, said that every industry is now required to have more performance.

    "Currently every company is challenged by President Joko Widodo to improve performance. We hope this seminar will produce a conclusion of the recommendations and the next step that can bring benefits to the nation and all components in Indonesia and the industries in it, "he told reporters in Bandung on Thursday (7/9/2017)

    Telkom University encourages the industry including Government, Practitioners, and Academics to share and strategize so as to increase economic growth in Indonesia. This was revealed by Chairwoman ISCLO Nora Amelda Rizal.

    "This seminar aims to facilitate Stakeholders to cooperate to build the economy in Indonesia," said Ashari

    Around 44 Papers have been received, some of which are United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, Malaysia and Indonesia. The Rector said that this activity is expected to develop the economy in Indonesia.

    "Colleagues can take advantage well to develop our country." He concluded. (MAT)

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