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    Rohingya Solidarity Action, Aher: Do not Anarchist


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan assessed the action of solidarity for the Muslims Rohingya community is still fairly reasonable.

    According to the number one man in West Java the freedom of expression of every citizen can be done. But still must pay attention to rule as the Indonesian nation and avoid anarchist actions.

    "I think that expression is free-only that is important in delivering it is done politely, well and does not present a speech of hatred," said Aher told reporters at Gedung Sate Bandung, Friday (08/09/2017).

    Aher appealed to all levels of society in carrying out solidarity actions for Rohingya Muslims in order to maintain order and security.

    "As a faithful and civilized nation in order not to undermine expression in the form of written and verbal action I think it is okay for as long as it is considered fair and does not present hate speech," he said.

    The solidarity action for the Rohingyas, Aher says as something positive and the right of all citizens to express their concern for Rohingya Muslims in a polite and civilized manner.

    Aher also appealed to people who want to do direct assistance to Myanmar to keep doing something positive in accordance with their ability.

    According to him, the most important thing to do for the Muslims Rohingya is to pray and help them. Also collect donations for their needs.

    "The affairs of the aid more than we do are of course the affairs of the state, and it has been done by our government by directly sending the Foreign Minister, something that has not been done by any country," he said. (MAT)

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