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    Rp 1.2 Billion Donation Aids From West Java Residents to Rohingya


    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan led the solidarity action for Rohingya Muslims by performing a long march action that started from West Java Islamic Center Mosque (Pusdai) until Gedung Sate.

    In this action also carried out the collection of funds for the Muslims Rohingya. Until 13:45 pm the amount of donations that have been collected amounted to Rp. 1.201.570.500.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan explained the collection of donations is an initiative of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) and assessed a fairness if the people of West Java help as much as possible for the Muslims Rohingya.

    According to kang Aher, greeting West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, since a week before, West Java provincial government tried to raise funds for humanitarian aid Rohingya Muslims.

    Fundraising is done through several mosques in the Regional Device (PD) then in the mosque located in the community including Islamic Center and West Java Mosque also infaq and alms from State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in the West Java Provincial Government (Provincial Government) .

    "The donation for the help of Muslims Rohingya already collected since a week ago while collected 1.2 billion, hopefully the donation continues to grow," he told reporters in front of Gedung Sate Bandung, Friday (08/09/2017).

    Asked if it had anything to do with donations at the Bandung Municipal Government level, Aher insisted the donation is different from the previous donation collection. There is even a possibility of this fundraising aid added from several areas in the West Java region that perform similar actions such as Kuningan Regency, Bandung City, Cirebon City, Sukabumi City, Depok City, Cianjur City and Bogor City.

    "We will calculate this donation which is initiated by the government and the general public." Today, it is initiated by West Java Provincial Government yesterday by Bandung City Government will be combined to know how many total donations have been collected, "he explained.

    The distribution of donations, West Java Provincial Government will distribute the aid to various official parties such as donation institutions such as Dompet Dhuafa, Rumah Zakat, PKPU, Lazis NU and Lazis Muhammadiyah and organizations joined as coordinated by mass organizations.

    "We will channel the Rohingyas through the official institutions," Aher said.

    Meanwhile, in his speech the Governor of West Java conveyed the Indonesian side of Indonesia not only a mere statement but the government gave a real action by directly sending the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia to Myanmar.

    "In addition to diplomacy, the Indonesian nation provides and coordinates the donation of aid for the Rohingya Muslims, so we continue with the action together," he said.

    Although the action is fairly simple, but Aher said this activity has a deep meaning.

    "We do simple action but have a deep meaning because we had gathered Friday prayers then walk to Gedung Sate," he concluded. (MAT)

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