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    The RRI's role is great during Independence


    The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan said, Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) has an invaluable role during times of war of independence in disseminating information to the people of Indonesia widely.

    "RRI has a very valuable historical role because at the time of independence has a function to play the role of disseminating, proclaiming and proclaiming our independence day to all corners of the country," he said.

    According to the Governor, the role of RRI can not be forgotten from the history of the Indonesian nation against the invaders until Indonesia finally got free from the shackles of colonization of other nations.

    "RRI has a historical role that can not be forgotten even though today many other broadcasting institutions ranging from tv and other private radio," said the Governor, in his speech at the commemoration of 72nd Anniversary of Radio in the RRI Bandung Office, Diponegoro Street No.61 Bandung, Friday (08/09).

    Even according to the Governor, rural communities in the past can not be separated from the existence of RRI broadcast in conveying various information even though they are in the field.

    "Rural radio is brought to rice fields so that farmers who were plowing rice fields or gardening can get information anytime," he said. (Parno)

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