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    Seven Provinces Agreed to Implement Samsat Online


    JAKARTA-Seven Provinces agreed to implement One-Stop One-Block Administration System (Samsat) online. The agreement was poured through the MoU between the Governor of West Java, Central Java Governor, Yogyakarta Governor, East Java Governor, Governor of Bali, Governor of Banten, Jakarta Governor, seven Regional Development Banks and seven other Banks with Police Headquarters at Hotel Sahid Central Jakarta, (07/09/2017).

    In the contents of the MoU, the parties agreed to conduct cooperation to implement the national online Samsat in order to provide convenience and speed of service to the community through the electronic banking network.

    Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian in his speech delivered by Irwasum Komjen Dwi Priyatno said the existence of online samsat will facilitate the taxpayer in the payment of annual PKB, Mandatory Donation of Traffic and Road Transportation Fund (SWDKLLAJ) and PMDB Payments STNK validation.

    "Taxpayers in making payments via Samsat online only need to come to Samsat office for approval and issuance of tax assessment letters or evidence of repayment of payment obligations only, within a maximum of one month after payment," he said.

    This will provide convenience and speed for taxpayers while reducing the queue of taxpayers when making payments at Samsat office.

    "It will also eliminate illegal charges and brokering practices," he said.

    The implementation of Samsat online is planned to be in effect in October 2017 and future will be applied in 34 Provinces throughout Indonesia.

    Chief of Police said, this step is an innovative breakthrough in public service that is better, easier, faster, transparent and accountable.

    "Hopefully our Samsat service will be better and give satisfaction to society which will have positive impact to Samsat image itself," he said.

    West Java Already Applies Samsat Online Since 2014

    West Java Province has actually implemented the system of online samsat or e-Samsat since it was launched in 2014 ago. Even the fruits of innovation by state civil apparatus of West Java Provincial Government has been made a pilot project by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) for deemed successfully eliminate the practice of corruption.

    The award-winning e-Samsat innovation has been applied in 17 Provinces in Indonesia, which are poured through a memorandum of understanding by the end of 2016, along with two other innovations: one-stop service and online SKP applications for employees.

    In addition to e-Samsat, West Java Provincial Government in cooperation with Dirlantas Polda Jabar made a new breakthrough in May 2017 and then launched a program called Sipolin or Online Tax Information System.

    If the e-Samsat taxpayer to make payment PKB through Automated Teller Machine (ATM), Sipolin more easier taxpayers again because it can be paid using a mobile phone wherever located. This Sipolin app can be downloaded through the Google Playstore service. In terms of IT, Sipolin is higher than Samsat Gendong and e-Samsat.

    All these innovations proved able to increase West Java locally-generated revenue with the motor vehicle tax sector became the largest contributor.

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