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    West Java Needs 5,000 New Classrooms For High School / Vocational School


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY-West Java Province requires new classrooms (RKB) up to 5,000 for high school / vocational schools in West Java. There are about 170,000 junior high school students from all over West Java who can not afford high school / vocational high school due to lack of classrooms.

    "Do you know how many junior high school students can not be accepted in high school? There are 170 thousand people have no place. So it must be built at least five thousand new classrooms and new school units, "said Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar after a visit to SMK Negeri Pertanian Pembangunan (SMKN PP) and SMA Negeri 1 (SMAN 1) Lembang, West Bandung regency, Thursday (7/9/2017).
    If 5,000 new classrooms can be realized it will be able to accommodate up to 150,000 students / junior high school students. In addition to new classroom development efforts, West Java Provincial Government will also encourage the development of SMA Terbuka (Open High School) that can accommodate 100,000 students per year and cooperation with Islamic Boarding School.
    "But later the Open high school only for people aged 18 years and over. In addition, we take advantage of cooperation with Islamic Boarding School, we love new classrooms (to boarding) then they can make high school / vocational school. So high school / vocational school based on Islamic Boarding School, because of the importance of religion-based education today, "said Vice Governor.
    In this working visit, Vice Governor reviewed the educational program conducted at SMKN PP Lembang. In this vocational school students are given lessons not only knowledge about agriculture, such as product cultivation but also marketing or entrepreneurship.
    "They (SMKN PP Lembang) develop their entrepreneurship spirit with existing agricultural products, then after exit, if cooperation with West Java Provincial Government and SME we will support also with Loving People Credit, so that in their society can be entrepreneurs," said Vice Governor.
    One of the prominent agricultural products in SMKN PP Lembang namely Dekopon Orange. Citrus crosses between Bagong Orange with Bali Citrus can be sold at Rp 100,000 to Rp 120,000 per fruit because of its large size. In one orange tree can harvest up to 40 kg, so in one tree can generate Rp 4 million.
    "So if you have six trees the same as having one hectare of rice fields. And can harvest or bear fruit throughout the year, "said Vice Governor.
    While in SMA Negeri 1 Lembang, Vice Governor was fascinated with the Orchestra group from this school. Many extracurricular programs are developed in this school in addition to music, such as Theater, Photography, School Magazine, and others. The school should continue to encourage the creative potential of these students to be involved in the era of creative economy as it is today.
    "Well, the skills of the extracurricular programs are so important that there is a choice. Here (SMAN 1 Lembang) has extraordinary extracurricular programs. Stay driven how entrepreneurial. So, not only the product itself, but also other people's products that we create the network. Now in the digital era, "concluded Vice Governor.

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