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    Celebrate 72nd Anniversary, West Java Shares 89 Awards


    BANDUNG - A total of 89 awards in various fields are given by West Java Provincial Government to district / municipal governments, government agencies as well as individuals, which is dominated by performance in government. Distribution of this award into a series of events anniversary of the 72nd Anniversary of West Java. The award is given directly by the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), in the West Hall Gedung Sate Bandung, Wednesday (06/09/2017) night.

    The award includes the 2016 Motor Vehicle Tax Incentives Award, the Best Co-Operation Team and Region Coordination Award from the Provincial Level of West Java, the Public Service Innovation Award for the Scope of Local Government and Provincial Government PD Scope, Regional Archives Award, State Civil Apparatus Award for Innovation or Program / Copyrights in Provincial and District Government Offices, Regional Device Award of the Best Regional Cooperation Initiatives, and Awards for the Winner of Photo Contest of 72nd Anniversary of West Java Year 2017.

    "We mean an award to be part of our accomplishments, to be better and better," Aher said in his speech.

    As an appreciation for the achievement of Local Government of Regency / City which ranked in the top three in the evaluation of Performance Evaluation of Local Government (EKPPD) and performance status of regional administration into the highest achievement category West Java Provincial Level, Governor Aher awarded trophy and the charter to the Regency Kuningan, Majalengka District and Tasikmalaya Regency for district level, as well as Bandung City, Depok City and Banjar City for city level.

    Based on the results of EKPPD on Regional Government Implementation Report (LPPD) 2015 which has been validated by the national team from the Ministry of Home Affairs and BPKP in the year 2016, West Java Province was second with the score 3.1760 and achieved the status of "Very High". Following, Kuningan District into the category of district with the rank and status of performance of the highest achieving government rank 9 with a score of 3.4301. While in the category of cities, from the 10 highest achieving cities in Indonesia, 3 of them came from West Java, namely Bandung (score 3.3040), Depok City (score 3.2908) and Banjar City (score 3.2809) with status "Very High". For the record, the 26 districts / cities in West Java have achieved the performance status of government administration "Very High". One Regency that has not received status is Pangandaran Regency, which in 2015 has not yet obliged to prepare LPPD.

    This achievement far exceeded the previous EKPPD results in 2015, in which West Java was only in third position with a score of 2.9203 and achieved the status of "High". In addition, there are still 7 districts / municipalities whose performance status is "High", and none of the districts / municipalities in West Java are nationally ranked in the top 10.

    Aher hopes this year's EKPPD results will keep West Java in the top three nationally, so for the first time West Java get the status of "Very High" for three consecutive years, and is entitled to Parasamya Purnakarya Nugraha.

    "Hopefully next year can again LPPD with the best category, so if West Java is best again so 3 years in a row, and is entitled to have Parasamya Purnakarya Nugraha title, God willing," he said.

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