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    West Java Provincial Government Will Help Develop Multi Campus Program in the Region


    CIANJUR REGENCY-West Java Provincial Government continues to commit to improve the quality of community Human Resources (HR). In addition to supporting development programs in West Java, it also became a supporter of society in order to compete in the current global era.

    Efforts that continue to be done by the Government of West Java Province, which focuses on the development of universities in the region or called multi campus programs. Until now, West Java provincial government through cooperation with several leading universities in West Java are developing the program.

    Among them are the development of Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) campus in Sukabumi, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in Cirebon, and Padjadjaran University (Unpad) in Pangandaran. Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar stated, multi campus program is done to facilitate access of people in the region in order to get a bench in college education.

    "So multi campus we developed, now there are in three cities and in Subang there is also Polytechnic So now Cirebon communities do not have to study to Bandung So the study program is adjusted with Cirebon communities with its growth," said Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar after become the speaker in the Program of Introduction of Study and Education (P2SP) New Students of Suryakancana University Academic Year 2017-2018 in the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Hall of Suryakancana University, Pasir Gede Raya Street Cianjur regency, on Wednesday (6/9/17).

    "Multi campus can be developed so that access to higher education for people anywhere in West Java was easy, not necessarily to come to big city, (students) do not have to board in big city," continued Vice Governor.

    Responding to questions from journalists about the development of universities in South Cianjur, Vice Governor also challenged Cianjur Regency Government to provide land to develop multi campus there. He said the West Java provincial government could develop multi-campus program everywhere from the Regency / City Government can provide a minimum of 30 hectares of land for the establishment of a campus.

    "Is there any land that provide by regency government (Cianjur)?. We can build universities like Pangandaran. It (Pangandaran District) is the youngest district but now there are State Universities there, the multi campus Unpad. Just provide the land of 30 hectares, we will help also the physical (building) of the West Java Government, "said Vice Governor.

    On this occasion, Vice Governor also welcomed the development of universities in Cianjur regency. According to him, there is tremendous strategic value with the higher education in Cianjur. Universities must have a role in encouraging students to become job creaters (job makers) not job seeker (job seekers).

    "There is a choice of how educated people can change the course of the nation against the Demographic Bonus." The mindset should now be all employees, but we must encourage students how to open insights to become honest entrepreneurs, "said Vice Governor.

    "So, should be able to open job opportunities for others, do not be a burden to find work," he concluded.

    Suryakancana University (Unsur) Cianjur Academic Year 2017-2018 is receiving more than 600 new students. Currently, Unsur has 6 (six) Faculties and 2 (two) Postgraduate Study Program. Among them are: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Faculty of Applied Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Islamic Affairs, Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business, and Postgraduate Program for Law Study Program and Indonesia Language & Literature Study.

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