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    Vice Governor Demiz Visits Mak Cacih in Rusunawa


    CIANJUR REGENCY-Mak Cacih, the owner of the sloping house in Situawi Village RT 02 RW 02 Karangtengah Subdistrict, Gunungpuyuh Subdistrict, Sukabumi City temporarily moved to Simple Rental Flats (Rusunawa) Sukabumi.

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar in a series of visits to Cianjur Regency took time to meet Mak Cacih and family in Rusunawa located on South Ring Street, Sukakarya Village, Warudoyong Sub-District, Sukabumi City, Wednesday afternoon (6/9/17).

    "The important thing is to move first, maybe not like Sangkuriang to build up in one day, stay in a safe place, then we think because of that (land location of the sloping house) is also not her land," said the Vice Governor while providing assistance on behalf of the person and Baznas West Java Province to Mak Cacih.

    Vice Governor also appreciates the efforts of Sukabumi City Government to move Mak Cacih to Simple Rental Flats. Vice Governor said, the safety and comfort of Mak Cacih and family should take precedence. In addition, the Vice Governor also wants a sloping house Mak Cacih immediately dismantled then Sukabumi municipal government to solve the problem of land, so that can be built permanent home.

    "I also always instruct that the house is not suitable for habitation to be resolved, but it can not be all, because a lot of it .. House construction program is not suitable for habitation we continue to do both from the districts / municipal, (government) Province, from the ministry also exist. It is not yet adequate, not yet able to cover all, "added Vice Governor.

    Regional Secretary of the Sukabumi City Government Hanafi Zain admitted that the sloping house Mak Cacih has received attention since two years ago. However, it is constrained ownership of land where Mak Cacih home currently stands owned by others.

    "Actually from two years ago we have also given alternatives but they have not been convinced, but yesterday I invited here and love to see Simple Rental Flats, they have seen and finally they want to move," said Hanafi.

    "We will solve the problem of the land, from the citizens in Social Media have also collected the fund raising activities If we can just buy the land but the process is long There are some who want to pursue the land, want to place it (the location of the sloping house at this time) or elsewhere, "he added.

    City Government of Sukabumi committed to build Mak Cacih house with permanent building or habitable. Hanafi said, it can be done if the land issue is over.

    "God willing, if the land is finished we will build up, I have also been called by the Ministry of Social Affairs, ready to build up, and many people want to participate, but the land issue should we finish," said Hanafi.

    "Actually, if the land is not a problem, it has been completed from the past too," he concluded.

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