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    Beware of Fraud for Candidates for Civil Servants 2018 Acceptance


    BANDUNG-Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (Men PANR B) Asman Abnur appealed to the public / prospective applicants including the applicant's parents do not believe if there are people / parties (brokers) that promise to help graduation in every stage of selection by necessity providing some money or other benefits.

    "Beware of fraud. Do not be fooled by the lure of unscrupulous people who claim to be able to help. No one can help graduate Candidates for Civil Servants, "said Asman in his official statement on Thursday (7/9/2017)

    Reminded, the implementation of  Candidates for Civil Servants selection in 2017 is done based on the principle of competitive, fair, objective, transparent, clean from corrupt practices, and free of charge. Official information related to registration requirements and schedule can be accessed from today, Tuesday 5 September 2017 at 23.00 Western Indonesia Time at the Ministry of PANRB website www.menpan.go.id, BKN site: https: //sscn.bkn.go.id, and site of the relevant Ministries / Agencies.

    Asman explained, for this year, the government re-open the second  Candidates for Civil Servants acceptance vacancy in 60 Ministries / Institutions and 1 Provincial Government, namely the Province of North Kalimantan.

    This is done to meet the needs of employees in the core business positions that support Nawacita as a replacement for retired civil servants, and because of the increased workload on the Ministry / Institution.

    Especially for the Government of North Kalimantan Province, said Menpan RB, consideration because the area is a province of pemekaran still very short of employees.

    "The formation for the North Kalimantan Provincial Government is five hundred, while the number of vacancies / formations Candidates for Civil Servants for the Ministry / Institution, as many as 17,428," said Asman

    Described, the formation for the Ministry / Institution, including for the best child graduates (cum laude / with praise) as many as 1850, 166 people with disability, and children of Papua and West Papua as much as 196.

    As with previous enrollments, prospective applicants can only register at one agency and choose one position.

    If there is a registrant on the acceptance of the first round has been declared the final / final is requested not to register again at the acceptance of the second round.

    "For applicants who have registered at the first round of acceptance (Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and Supreme Court) are allowed to re-register by using SSCN account that has been made before," he concluded. (MAT)

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