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    Ineu Purwadewi : Regional Budget in 2016 Have to Beneficial


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the West Java Parliament, Ine Purwadewi asserted that the budget in fiscal year 2016 have to reflect the real needs of community and beneficial for people in West Java.

    It thus stated by Ine Purwadewi while giving a speech at the presentation of DPS SKPD in Fiscal Year 2016, Monday (8/1/16), located in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Bandung.

    West Java Provincial Parliament requested that the budget usage in 2016 can be maximised, effectively and efficiently.

    Ine reminded that based on input from his colleagues, it’s need coordination and mutual commitment of the SKPD that having similar program in the budget implementation. Coordination and commitment are necessary, so that the budget will be issued and give impact to the community.

    Ine also appreciated the budget performance in 2015 which reached 90%. Therefore, in 2016 it should be better.

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