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    Tender of Cisumdawu Session I Starts in November


    BANDUNG-The government is scheduled to hold a Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan Cisumdawu (Cisumdawu) Cileunyi-Rancakalong toll road tender in November 2017.

    West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said, based on information from Working Unit of Public Works and Public Housing Ministry, Cisumdawu Toll Auction was held considering progress in section II Rancakalong-Sumedang increasingly significant. "Tender section I is in November, so that the beginning of 2018 can already be construction," he said at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Thursday (6/9).

    According to the toll road business entity already scheduled once the construction contract will be signed the loan agreement. The government itself has calculated the construction cost for this section is approximately Rp2,270 trillion. "It has also calculated the estimated cost of land acquisition around Rp1, 5 trillion," he said.

    Section I which has a length of 11.45 kilometers from the availability of land currently only reached 37.43%. He said the availability of the land was obtained after the release of two villages along 1.7 kilometers. In addition there is a potential free land belonging to the Institute of Local Government (IPDN) along the 3 kilometers. "From the land of two villages it is ready for construction," he said.

    In the field, field registration of field map measurement is being carried out for the remaining land. For the initial phase, the government targets the initial land acquisition to be completed by mid 2018. "The construction process will also be parallel with the process of dispute resolution in the field," he explained. (Even)

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