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    'Sipaten' Strengthen Budget Supervision


    BANDUNG -West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan has just launched an application in monitoring and supervision of West Java Provincial Regional Budget usage. With the application, policy holders such as the Governor, can monitor directly the development of budget used in Regional Budget.

    "It's very easy for me or any policy-holder to monitor the flow of funds in and out of Regional Busget, even to provide information per day.

    So I'm going through the gadget will know how the absorption of budget A for example to this day or this month "he said at Gedung Sate, Wednesday afternoon (6/9)

    With realtime information through online, according to Aher, policy holders can measure the absorption of the budget within a certain time.

    "For example, the third quarter of one new service reaches less than 40 percent of its absorption, it can be directly asked what the problem and then find the solution" said Aher.

    Aher also mentioned, Application System Monitoring Shopping and Revenue (Sipaten) is the first application in Indonesia.

    "This is the first application in Indonesia by West Java Civil Apparatus itself, and no other province has used this" he concluded. (Even)

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