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    Here are the result of 14 Categories Green Hotel Award 2017


    BANDUNG-Green Hotel Award 2017 will again reward the best hotel managers who are considered to have implemented eco-friendly principles.

    The assessment includes 14 criteria from the previous 12 criteria. Namely, green team policies and organizations, environmentally friendly footprint management, use of raw materials and environmentally friendly products, as well as the absorption of local content.

    Conservation and energy efficiency management, conservation and water efficiency management, indoor and outdoor air quality management, building space, solid and water waste management, surrounding land management, and noise / noise pollution control.

    "And also the management of chemicals and materials storage, cooperation with local community and organization and human resource capacity development," said Assistant of Tourism Industry Deputy, Agus Priyono in his official statement received in Bandung, Wednesday (6/9/2017).

    Agus explained, the process of assessment of Green Hotel Award activities begins by sending questionnaires about Green Hotel Award criteria to all 4 and 5 star hotels in Indonesia. Furthermore, after being filled by the green team of each hotel, the judges will conduct an evaluation.

    "Then the review and assessment directly by the jury team Green Hotel Award to each participant (hotel)," he said.

    After that the judges will evaluate each result of the review and assessment directly to then determine ten Green Hotel Award nominations based on the minimum value.

    "The winner of Green Hotel Award will receive the award plaque and plaque from the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia," he said.

    The Deputy of Tourism Destination and Tourism Industry Development, Dadang Rizki Ratman said, the management of eco-friendly hotels will have much impact. From the business side, the application of environmentally friendly concept will increase the competitiveness of the hotel and then will also increase the selling point.

    Not to mention providing options for tourists. Because, lifestyle "green" has become a trend that attracted many tourists. As a "warehouse" of natural resources, will certainly provide a positive effect for Indonesian tourism.

    "Many world travelers are concerned about the conservation of the environment so that will put green environmentally friendly hotel as an option and need," he said

    Dadang hopes, Green Hotel Award will be able to increase the awareness of hotel business actors to the involvement of the community and the efforts of nature conservation and culture of the surrounding environment.

    "As well as increasing the interest of tourists, especially foreign tourists who increasingly care about the natural and cultural conditions to visit Indonesia," he said.

    The award-winning Green Hotel Award 2017 will be held at the Tourism Destination Appreciation Indonesia (APDI) event, November 29, 2017.

    Later five Green Hotel Award nominations will be proposed as participants in the ASEAN Green Hotel Award in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (MAT)

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