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    Help Rohingya, Council Appreciates Government Steps


    BANDUNG - Vice Chairman of the West Java Provincial Parliament, Haris Yuliana appreciates the politic action that has been done by the Government of Indonesia by sending his Foreign Minister to discuss the demands of the Indonesian people about the violence and murder of Rohingya ethnic by the Myanmar Military.

    He considered it a government effort in helping to eradicate the humanitarian crisis of Rohingya Muslims, in Myanmar.

    "We appreciate and support all government efforts in handling the problems of the Muslims in Rohingya," he told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (6/9/2017).

    Haris admitted, it urged the government of Myanmar to stop all acts of violence against Rohingya Muslims.

    He considered the case of Rohingya Muslims for several years is not just a matter of religion, but a humanitarian crisis.

    "We are very concerned and strongly condemned against all acts of violence against the Muslims," he concluded.

    Earlier, West Java Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) said the violence and humanitarian conflict affecting Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar's Rakhine State should not trigger inter-religious or ethnic conflict in Indonesia.

    He said today the government is continuing to endeavor by all means to stop the violence that befalls the Rohingya Muslims.

    In front of action participant Demiz read 9 points statement of President Joko Widodo related to violence and humanitarian crisis in Rakhine State Myanmar. One of these statements says that a real action is not just a statement or criticism.

    "The government continues to be committed to help overcome the humanitarian crisis, synergize with civil society forces in Indonesia and the international community," he said.

    Demiz asks all parties to synergize and oversee the statement and efforts made by the central government that will become a very big power.

    In addition, said Demiz, all parties must be obliged to guard the government's attitude to reach the goal at least to reduce and then not to happen again the slaughter of Rohingya Muslims.

    "That is why we have to synergize with the government to make efforts which stated by President Jokowi We also," he concluded (MAT)

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