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    72% of Employment are Provided by Entrepreneurship


    BANDUNG - 72% of employment in Indonesia is provided by businesses or entrepreneurs. This was expressed by the lecturer of School of Business Management (SBM) ITB Dwilarso Phd, who is also Chairman of Indonesia International Conference on Inovation and Small Business in Bandung, Tuesday (6/9).
    "Seventy-two percent of Indonesia's employment is provided by businesses, the rest is in government agencies, so entrepreneurship should continue to be encouraged" Dwilarso said.

    However Dwilarso admitted, small business in Indonesia is still difficult to develop due to various things, and it must be solved.

    "Most of these small businesses are still difficult to develop, possibly because of human resources, capital, etc. But because they have the opportunity to increase employment, their existence must continue to be encouraged to continue developing from small business to big business," he explained.

    One of the efforts to encourage small business development is by continuing to do research by academics and government.

    "So the collaboration between academia, business and government should keep going, looking for solutions from existing obstacles, so small businesses are expected to continue to grow big, at the same time also give birth to entrepreneurs," he said. (Even)

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