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    Caught on Netizen Camera, Minister of Social Affairs without Escort


    BANDUNG-Social Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa caught on netizen camera while in Makkah. In the photo uploaded instagram @ mustika.dwihandayani account, it appears that Khofifah only together with his youngest son Ali Mannagali Indar Parawansa without any escort.

    Khofifah dress style looks simple. Khofifah wore a black-and-white striped robe with a white veil. Uniquely, Khofifah seen carrying a bag of blue sack backpack.

    In the caption column, account @ mustika.dwihandayani says the photo she got from one of her friends who is also performing the pilgrimage in the Holy Land. While working on one of the pilgrimages she met Khofifah was alone with his son without an aide and bodyguard.

    "Sack backpack bag's Minister is cute, really slang," wrote @ mustika.dwihandayani in caption Instagram photos hers.

    "May be a pilgrim mabrur Bu and be able to bring change to beloved Indonesia, eradicate poverty and gap. Minister is my mainstay, anyway," added the account.

    Khofifah confirmed when she said that she was at Jamarat Mina. Sack backpack bag deliberately use because he thinks much more simple to bring some supplies.

    Khofifah said, in Makkah indeed she met with thousands of pilgrims from Indonesia. Not a bit of a surprise because she went Hajj alone with his youngest child.

    "Many people think it's not me, every time I'm always asked who accompany me, just two of us, where the aides are etc. I'm supposed to be monitoring and supervising the Hajj this year, all of which end with a photo together, "explained Khofifah in her official statement received in Bandung, Tuesday (05/09/2017)

    Khofifah told, her departure to Makkah can be said suddenly. This is because almost every weekend of his youngest son Ali begging to ask for the Five pillars of Islam.

    "Finally I apply for non-quota pilgrimage which is always prepared every year on a particular request." Alhamdulillah we can go, hopefully mabrur, "she concluded. (MAT)

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