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    13 Airports in Indonesia Continue to Innovate


    BANDUNG-Credo Marketing 3.0 based on customer and love being diligently runs management of Angkasa Pura II (AP). Managers of 13 airports, mostly in Western Indonesia, continue to innovate to make breakthroughs that reflect the implementation of Indonesia Incorporated. Especially a first impression for foreign tourists and the archipelago that cross the air terminal below.

    "September 1st we have launched Airport Helper, whose job is more than just a porter in T-1 and T-2," said President Director of Angkasa Pura II, M Awaluddin in Bandung, Tuesday (5/9/2017)

    "Now, we are excited to become an airport with excellent service level, or service excellent.In our T-3 there is a golf car shuttle that picks up passengers who are landing or take off from a distant gate location," added Awaludin

    "We serve airport users as tourists, with all the hospitality, not just courtesy, but from heart to heart," he said.

    In order to commemorate the National Customer Day, Angkasa Pura II as airport manager in the western region of Indonesia rolled out the campaign "AyoBikinBandaraAP2Keren in social media. This campaign is an effort of AP II, invites airport users to actively participate together to keep and make the airport a pleasant place, "he explained

    Muhammad Awaluddin said, AP II as airport manager in the West Indonesia is always trying to provide the best service for customers. Especially with the increasing image of Indonesian tourism, making AP II become the front guard in "welcoming" tourists.

    Only, AP II certainly can not work alone. It takes the active involvement of airport service users to both keep and make it cooler. For one purpose, Indonesia, he explained.

    Therefore, AP II invites all airport service users and the wider community to engage in campaigns on social media being rolled AP II, he concluded.

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