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    Reduce Critical Land, Bandung Regency with TNI Perform Greening


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Synergized with Sabilulungan Tanam Pohon Kesayangan (Satapok) program launched by Bandung Regency Government in cooperation with Perum Perhutani, Kodim 0609 implemented Bhakti TNI Greening Program in Bandung Regency.

    Greening activity this time centered on land owned by Perum Perhutani plot 10 E precisely at Mount Kendeng Sugihmukti Village subdistrict of Pasirjambu, Tuesday (5/9).

    Regional Secretary of Bandung Regency, Ir. H. Sofian Nataprawira, MP. said that in order to reduce critical land, every year the planting is continuously carried out by the government and all relevant stakeholders, starting from the central, provincial and regional levels.

    "Greening is also done by SOEs, BUMDs, private companies, foundations, NGOs, Karang Taruna, mass organizations, communities including TNI and POLRI," said Sekda.

    Regarding the transfer of land and commodity functions, Sofian added, the law has regulated what crops should and should not be planted in critical lands.

    "We continue to coordinate with the Polres, TNI, Perhutani and Plantation to be more strict in supervising over the functions of land and commodities," he concluded.

    ADM Perhutani KPH South Bandung Wijanarko Susilo, M.M., said there are still many villagers on the outskirts of the forest that grow vegetables in protected forest areas.

    "The law expressly prohibits the cultivation of vegetable crops in protected forests, because vegetable crops have shallow roots, and the processing of vegetables is very intensive, each finished processed must be clean roots are not left behind, so that when heavy rain will occur sedimentation of soil which can cause siltation of the river, "explains Wijanarko.

    To overcome this, he said, Perhutani party has made three approaches in handling the problems of farmers in the protected forest area.

    "We have done 3 approaches that are welfare, social and legal approaches," said Wijanarko.

    Welfare approach, he explained, is done by way of commodity transfer, over the profession and location transfer. The social approach is carried out by extension in villages where crops are prohibited and allowed in protected forests. While the legal approach is the last attempt to overcome the problem of encroachment of protected forest land.

    "Surely Perhutani can not work alone, it needs synergy with all stake holder so that this critical land issue will be resolved soon," he said.

    Meanwhile Danrem 062, Infantry Colonel Joko Soesilo, S.Ip. mention special activities of this greening has also been done in the region of Garut, Tasikmalaya and Ciamis. As for the area Sumedang conducted on the sidelines of routine exercise TNI.

    "This reforestation activity is certainly not only in Pasirjambu Subdistrict, we will also implement it throughout the region, and we expect cooperation from all levels of society to maintain and maintain the environment," said Joko Soesilo.

    Also present at this event Irdam III Siliwangi Infantry Colonel Dedi AP, Danrem 062 Infantry Colonel Joko Soesilo, S.Ip., Dandim 0609 Lieutenant Colonel Arhanud Andre Wira, S.Ap., M.Si., Wakapolres Bandung Kompol Boni, Chairman of Honorary Board Bandung Regency DPRD H. Firman Somantri, MBA., General Manager of Geo Dipa Energi Rita Purwati, ADM Perhutani Wijanarko, Kajari Bale Bandung Representative Yudi Subianto, SH, MH, Community Leader Eyang Memet and H. Emte, Danramil of Bandung Regency, Kapolsek in Bandung Regency, Kadistan Regency Bandung Ir. H. A. Tisna Umaran, MP., Head of LH Kabupaten Bandung Asep Kusumah, M.Si., and the surrounding community.

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