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    PLN Absorbs Customer Aspirations


    BANDUNG - The Board of Directors of PLN and the management of PLN visited several customers in Banten, DKI Jakarta and West Java areas, coinciding with the national customer days on September 4th.

    PLN's theme for this anniversary is "Bright Smile Indonesia". The customers visited include some industry, business, government, social and household customers.

    The purpose of this customer visit is to listen to the voice of the customer, accommodate the customer's expectation on the service of PLN and appreciate and pay attention to the input from customers all over Indonesia.

    "By listening to our customers, we will know what they need and we will continue to improve the better service as PLN's real proof," PLN president director Sofyan Basir said in a press release on Monday (4/9).

    PLN, one of the largest state-owned enterprises in Indonesia, currently has 66 million subscribers, with service-oriented businesses.

    "It is PLN's obligation to put customer position in the highest position, because for us customer satisfaction is the main one. Happy smile of customers is our success," added Sofyan.

    In West Java alone, the management of PLN West Java Distribution and all Area Managers visited several customers in their respective Areas. Customers visited eg Industrial customers at Bina Kayu Lestari, Tasikmalaya, social customers at Al Ihsan Hospital Majalaya, business customers at PT Bogor Trade Mall and Household customers.

    The visit of PLN is welcomed by customers. Eddo Wijaya, Director of PT Binea Kayone Lestari (Bina Kayu Lestari) in Tasikmalaya feels very honored upon the visit of PLN Directors to the place of business. In the future, Eddo hopes service and communication with PLN can be established more smoothly and well. Jo

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