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    Preserving the Cultural as Creative Economy Assets


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, opened the 5th Youth Music and Drama Festival in West Java placed at Rumentang Art Building, Bandung, Thursday (07/01/16).

    The festival held in order to accommodate the youth creativity in West Java. Especially in the field of performing arts by presenting as many as 17 youth theatre group from Regency/City in West Java as festival participants.

    The theme of this festival is 'Delivering Value of Folklore, Story or Legend of West Java As a National Literature and Struggle Forming the National Character'. The script contested were sourced from stories, legends or folklore of West Java. it’s purposed of glorifying the role of art, as well as introduce the story to foster creativity and collective traditions to youth.

    "In line with the tagline of this activity, is certainly a concern for the preservation National Culture. It is expected to be a push to participate having the same spirit maintaining and developing the culture as heritage,” said Deddy.

    If since the first society generally underestimate the artists profession, it just because of they had not been thinking of cultural and artistic as the asset of creative economy. It is precisely the creative industry growing side by side with other industrial fields, even the creative industry has its own place in the international market.

    "Performing arts has been being a part of creative economy today. I think we have something that other countries don't have in cultural diversity. So we encourage people to take a role on the creative economy by digging potential talent through the festival like this,” said Deddy.

    Meanwhile, the Youth Music and Drama Festival initiated by theatre community of BEL Bandung is a competition. Participants invited to do their quality acting and hard work that can not be instantly obtained. The festival participants are required to be more respect, honest and democratic.

    The appearance of the participants will be judged by a jury panel, including, Embie C. Noer (Musicians, Playground Music), Joko Kurniawan (Lecturer at Theatre ISBI Bandung), and Erry Anwar (Theatre Practitioner, Theatre Director). Best participants are entitled to the prize of trophy, plaque, and money assistance.

    This festival was also attended by head of the department of tourism and culture West Java Nunung Sobari, Head of West Java Cultural Park Management Rd. Darajatun, Chairman of the Committee Johnmen Saragih, management building of Rumentangsiang Art Bandung, theatre community BEL Bandung, and Artists.


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