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    West Java People's Index of Happiness Increases


    BANDUNG-Index of Happiness of West Java (Jabar) as measured by Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) West Java has increased, although still far below other provinces.

    Head of West Java BPS Dody Herlando said, West Java index of happiness 2017 is on a scale of 69.58 on a scale of 100.

    "This year there is a slight increase, from 2014 to 67.66 to 69.58," he said at the BPS office on Monday (4/9).

    West Java itself is ranked the fifth lowest of 34 provinces in Indonesia. The lowest rank is Papua at 67.52. While the highest is North Maluku with a scale of 75.68.

    Index of happiness is a composite index composed by three dimensions of life satisfaction, feelings and meaning of life. The contribution of each dimension of West Java happiness index is life satisfaction 34,80%, feeling 31,18% and life meaning equal to 34,02%.

    Dody said the BPS surveyed about 6,000 community respondents in both urban and rural areas.

    The survey found that urban residents were happier compared to rural residents, but in terms of social relations, rural residents were happier.

    While the people of West Java are still not happy with the condition of education, because they consider the cost is still expensive and not all have access to education to college.jo

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