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    Demiz Conducted Speech in Front of Protesters


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar conducted speech above the protester's vehicle in front of Gedung Sate Diponegoro Street Bandung, Monday (4/9) morning.

    Around 2000 protesters from Persis Youth and Ulama Forum and West Java figures held a peaceful rally over violent incidents in Myanmar's Rakhine Province against Rohingyas. On that occasion Demiz read the official statement of President Joko Widodo.

    "In addition to being a citizen of West Java, I as the Vice Governor conveyed the President's official statement on Rohingya There are nine points in the President's statement that I will read," he said from the top of the sound system car.

    Demiz's nine statements made by the Indonesian government have been sent to Rohingya refugees, the President has sent his foreign minister directly to Myanmar for talks, asking the government of Bangladesh to open the border, and invite all elements of the Indonesian nation to do something tangible statement condemning.

    On that occasion Demiz also appreciates the movement of Persis youth and Forum of West Java Ulama leaders who care about the conditions in Rohingya.

    "I appreciate this movement which proves the people of West Java have a concern for the fate of his fellow Muslims in Myanmar" he explained. (Even)

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