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    Boarding School Assistance Will Be Continued


    CIAMIS-The Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said the assistance of building facilities for Islamic boarding school will continue to be done by the West Java Provincial Government. According to Aher, the assistance is provided in the form of repair and construction of kobong (santri/ student dormitory).

    "Insya Alloh it continues, until now there are about 600 islamic boarding school who have received kobong assistance. Sure there are many who have not, because the islamic boarding school in West Java is also quite a lot there are more than five thousand" said Aher on a working visit at Sirnarasa Kawali Ciamis Boarding School, Sunday (3/9).

    For the year 2017 alone, the provincial government budgeted approximately Rp 50 billion for help kobong and others.
    "This year we budget 50 M less for kobong assistance, and hopefully it will increase" he said.

    Aher also added that, when totaled with assistance for new classrooms in Highschool / vocational school, kobong and campus, the total units already built have reached more than 5000 units. (Even)

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