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    Jokowi Sacrifices Cow in Aher's Hometown, Sukabumi


    SUKABUMI CITY-Idul Adha Day or also called Lebaran Haji 1438 H becomes special especially for Sukabumi residents. The number one Indonesian, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is having Ied in Mochi City which is also the home of West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher).

    Thousands of people Sukabumi City flock to come to Merdeka Square, Perintis Kemerdekaan Street Sukabumi, on Friday morning (1/9/17) to perform Eid al-Adha prayer as well as have a hospitality with Jokowi and Aher. Acting as an Ied Prayer Imam Grand Mosque of Sukabumi City as well as Chairman of Pondok Pesantren Jamiatul Quro Cikondang, Sukabumi Regency, KH. Mahfud Ghozali. While the sermon delivered by the Chairman of the Council of Indonesian Ulema (MUI) Sukabumi, KH. Deddy Ismatullah.

    "Ti leuleutik Lebaran in Sukabumi wae (from my childhood have Lebaran in Sukabumi) .Come home," said Aher after Ied prayer.

    "Alhamdulillah we are happy, even more so because Mr. President came here, I said yesterday (to President) you may visit my hometown, he (President) is surprised if I am from Sukabumi Alhamdulillah!" he continued.

    Aher also interpreted Eid al-Adha as a momentum for society, especially the younger generation in order to emulate the family of Prophet Ibrahim AS and Siti Hajar, also the figure of Prophet Ismail AS. The Ibrahim family Aher said, became a family with a strong and excellent family resilience pattern, so there is harmony between family and children.

    "Then it is able to present excellent children's education, and the educated generation, Ismail Alaihissalam who is ready to sacrifice for the benefit of a better future," said Aher.

    Meanwhile, in his sermon entitled "With Lessons Worship of Qurban, We Make a Mental Revolution to Build NKRI", KH. Deddy Ismatullah explains that the history of sacrifice in the event of slaughter of Prophet Ismail by his father Prophet Ibrahim is the willingness to sacrifice that became the essence of the Worship of the Qurban. Those values are well implemented by Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail.

    According to Deddy, this willingness to sacrifice is one of the principles of faith that emerges from the spiritual side for a supreme purpose. In the context of social relationships, sacrificing is the embodiment of altruism, upholding value, giving priority to others rather than oneself, sacrificing what it has for the well-being of others.

    "The momentum of Eid al-Adha emphasizes the principle of solidarity and public solidarity, if it is really the basis for building the country can begin today," Deddy said in his sermon.

    Furthermore, Deddy also said that the Qurban worship has two values, namely spiritual piety and social piety. Spiritual piety in this case is submission to Allah SWT, curbing egoism as exemplified by the Prophet Ibrahim AS. While social piety is reflected from the spirit of self-sacrificing as what was done by Prophet Ismail AS.

    "This attitude (spiritual and social piety) is important and exemplary especially for the younger generation of Indonesia Ismail is a pious young man or a good young generation He is far-sighted on a spiritual basis, daring to take a stand in a difficult situation , willing to sacrifice, and worship to parents Ismail is not a cowardly young man who is easily desperate, but a gentlemen man who dares to take risks on a principle he believes, "said Deddy.

    After Eid al-Adha prayer, President Jokowi then handed a 1.2-ton Limosin cow to the Committee of Qurban Grand Mosque of Sukabumi City. "By giving bismillah hirrahmaan nirrahiim and for the blessings of Allah SWT, I submit the sacrificial animal in the form of a cow to be slaughtered and then the meat is distributed in accordance with the guidance of sharia," said Jokowi.

    Then Jokowi continued the submission of other Qurban animals to residents in Field of Ex PT Uninga East Paris City RT 06 RW 01 Kebonjati Subdistrict, Cikole Sub-district, Sukabumi City, also to the villagers of Tipar Gang Amarta, Citamiang Village, Tipar District, Sukabumi City. One cow each.

    On this occasion, Governor Aher also handed over three sacred Qurban animals with an average weight of 1.3 tons each. One cow submitted to the Committee of Qurban Grand Mosque of Sukabumi City. Two others were given to residents in Tipar District and Jayaniti sub-district of Sukabumi City.

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