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    Decreased of Fuel Prices isn’t Followed with Reduction of Transportation Fares


    BANDUNG-The price of bahan bakar minyak or BBM decreased from January 5, 2016. The premium price for Java, Madura and Bali which was Rp 7,400,- per litre to Rp 7,050,-. While the price of diesel fuel from Rp 6,700,- to Rp 5,650,- per litre. However, the reduction in fuel prices has not followed the reduction in public transport fares in Bandung and Cimahi and also the intercity public transportation in the Province.

    Based on interviews jabarprov.go.id, to a number of public transportation drivers in the city of Bandung and Cimahi, they are still reluctant decreasing the public transportation fares due to the reduction in fuel prices was insignificant.

    "I have not been able decreased the fares because the reduction of BBM was not significant," said Warso, public transportation to jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (6/1).

    The fares of public transportation of Melong Asih-Eagle is still Rp 3,000,- and Rp 2,000,-, it based on the distance.

    It also expressed by Wawan, public transportation driver of Margaasih-Cimindi, Cimahi to jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (5/1). In addition to the decrease was not significant, the driver also has not received instructions from Organda.

    “It’s depend on Organda’s instruction,” he said.

    In addition to the city tariff of public transportation which haven’t came down following the decrease in fuel prices, public transportation fares between cities in the province have not yet dropped.

    "In our company, there is no policy decreasing the tariff yet,” said Herman, driver of the bus Cikarang-Bandung in Terminal Leuwipanjang to jabarprov.go.id.

    Intercity bus transport in other provinces was also the same, until Wednesday (6/1) they has not decreased its tariffs.

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