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    Trimming "Digital Temptation", Through Interaction with Al-Quran


    BANDUNG-World Qur'an Hour, or campaign of the world's Qur'an movement, was held all over the world, one of them in West Java Province. With the headline, "Dunia Mengaji, One Hour with Quran", the event was held at the Islamic Da'wah Center (Pusdai) Mosque, Diponegoro Street Bandung, Thursday (31/08/2017).

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said, the presence of the World Koran movement is very relevant in an effort to bring the Qur'an in the hearts of people.

    Moreover Deddy said, in the modern era today, Muslims are faced with the temptation that keeps it from 'straight path', so many circulating drugs, alcoholic beverages, and pornography are increasingly accessible via mobile phones.

    Digital temptation, he said, in various forms can neglect the Muslims from remembering Allah SWT.

    "Therefore, we must increase interaction with the Qur'an, must know the Quran, must be close to the Qur'an, must love the Qur'an, so that we can understand the contents of the Qur'an and practice it in everyday life both in context Habluminanas and Habluminalloh, "said Deddy Mizwar.

    "Al-Quran must live in the heart, daily activities, and even someone should continue to improve the ability to read Al-Quran," please Deddy.

    Present a number of youth leaders migrated like the 3 Hamanis, Young Hafidz Muzammil Hasballah, Ustadz Hilman Rosyad, KH. Abdul Aziz Abdur Rauf, Lc. Al Hafidz, Ustadz Abu Rabbani, Ustadz Ambya Abu Fathin, and Ustadz Evie Effendi.

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