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    Board Expects The Cooperation of Sister Province Encouraging West Java Development


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the Representatives House of (DPRD) West Java Province, Ineu Purwadewi Sundari said with the sister province cooperation by the Provincial Government (West Java) and several other countries such as Morocco, Sudan, Japan and Belgium encourage development potential.

    He pointed out some time ago, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan made a state visit to the Russian territory. At the visit, it was found that the development potential of tomato plants could produce 12 kilograms from one tree.

    The agricultural sector of West Java also needs to be optimized. Because the West Java region is rich in natural resources. In the future, Ineu said, is expected to produce a product and can be exported abroad to generate foreign exchange for the country.

    "Surely with this cooperation we want the potential that is owned by West Java can provide a positive for development.As some time ago the visit of the Governor to Russia, there is also a tomato plant that can produce a tree to 12 kg, quite extraordinary where the potential of agriculture in West Java was quite a lot, "said Ineu told reporters at the West Java Parliament Building, Thursday (08/31/2017).

    In the improvement of Human Resources (HR), West Java Provincial Government also cooperates with Japan. Ineu rates, this needs to be done considering the population of West Java which has now reached 47 million inhabitants. Development of human resources with Japan can be done by providing training both technology and UMKM.

    "I think with this huge population of West Java, the development of human resources in Japan will help in building the development of agriculture, UMKM, and the exchange of technological innovation," he said.

    Ineu hopes sister province cooperation is not limited to the MoU but in the future in the form of implementation for development in West Java and other provinces in Indonesia.

    "Hopefully this cooperation is not only limited to the MoU but it can be continued until the implementation and succeed not only for West Java alone but other provinces as well," he concluded. (MAT)

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