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    Eid al-Adha, West Java Transportation Department Prohibits Certain Vehicles to Operate


    BANDUNG-Department of Transportation (Dishub) West Java officially prohibits the freight vehicles operating during Idul Adha 2017 this holiday.

    Head of West Java Transportation Department, Dedi Taufik said the freight vehicles were asked not to operate since Thursday (31/8/2017) until Sunday (3/9/2017) in the region of West Java. This prohibition is in accordance with the circular letter of the Director General of Land Transportation Ministry of Transportation on traffic management and operational restrictions on freight vehicles during Idul Adha 2017 long holiday.

    "To support the smoothness of traffic from 31 August at 12.00 WIB to 1 September at 12.00 WIB and on September 3 at 06.00-23.59 WIB, the vehicle transporting goods wicked more than three axes is prohibited to operate," he said in Bandung, Wednesday (30/8 ).

    According to him, the ban on the operation of freight vehicles applies to national roads, both toll roads and non-toll roads, tourist routes and alternative routes. This prohibition applies to vehicles transporting construction materials. "The prohibition applies to trucks and container vehicles," Dedi said.

    However, the ban does not apply to the transportation of fuel goods (BBM) and fuel gas (BBG), cattle, staples such as rice, sugar, beef, chicken meat to eggs. "Then the carrier of fertilizer, pure milk, import raw materials from home industry and to the port," he said.

    As for the bottled drinking water carrier, Dedi requested that it be run at the time before the time of the ban. When operating any freight used must be wheelbase no more than two axes. "For the transportation of staple goods that are not durable and fast through land transportation is given priority," he said.

    West Java Transportation Department confirmed that if the ban is violated by the transport business in the field then it will apply sanctions. "The sanctions will be adjusted to the prevailing laws and regulations," he concluded. (Even)

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