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    West Java Provincial Government Develops Ecovillage in Ciliwung Watershed


    BOGOR-Bogor City became one of ten areas in West Java that focused on the development of Eco Village Cultural Development Movement (Eco Village). Environment Agency (DLH) West Java province in collaboration with DLH Bogor City held Sawala Eco Village.

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) said socialization of Ecovillage can strengthen attitude and behavior of society, so there is awareness of citizen to clean up environment.

    After the founding of Ecovillage, he said, there are people who care about the waste processing that begins with sorting out the dry and wet garbage, not littering, cleaning the drainage, maintaining the source, the quality and the pattern of water usage.

    "I hope along the river is expected to be a comfortable place, can be used for tourism and community empowerment," said Demiz on Sawala Ecovillage Ciliwung watershed with the theme "Environment Without Borders", at PT. Maritime Education and Logistics / PELINDO II Persero, Ciawi, Bogor, Wednesday (30/08/2017).

    Related Sawala ecovilage Ciliwung watershed, Demiz said this need a great appreciation, because the community is a major role in building environmental awareness. Where without the participation of the community, it will be difficult to build a basic culture environment.

    Head of the Provincial Environmental Office of West Java Anang Sudarna said, Ecovillage in the watershed of Ciliwung started one year ago with 15 villages. Starting this year, 15 more villages/hamlets, 10 villages in Bogor Regency, and 5 hamlets in Bogor Regency.

    "In the village / hamlets, there are various activities, including waste processing, water springs, etc., from the village / hamlets has also formed 19 garbage banks," explained Anang.

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